woensdag 24 november 2010

Motorama 2010

Another great show...and this ones special, as it kindoff closes the traveling season for us...
Almost at home, the Rockin' Jalopy's Motorama is big fun, nice rides and what's most important...
Plenty of good friends from all over Europe.
Be there next time!!!

Angelo's T has left us

Always sad to see a mighty fine car leave the club.
On Tuesday, Angelo dropped of his Model T roadster to the new owner.
This car was in our club for quite some time, owned by several Scrapers.
Now it's time for a new ride, so Angelo & Ward are working hard on the '28 Model A roadster wich has been sitting in a corner for some time.

This is what we love to do...

Cutting up perfectly good old cars...

Paso Ravles

maandag 22 november 2010

Better Days.........

Winter is coming, snow expected for the end of the week.......yuk! So put on an extra pair of trousers and warm sock when you go to the garage. All we can do is wait untill the sun comes out again!
The Dunc behind the Blue Stilton UFO on our way to Bottrop 2010.........

Here kitty kitty............

I always have a laugh when I see it, most funny thing on a car at this years Rocking Jalopy Motorama!

woensdag 17 november 2010

Coming Weekend....Be There!!!

Coming soon...Jer's Shoebox Ford


some shots to enjoy...

Still on the road!!!

Here's a video our buddy Keith shot on the way back from the Brussels Tattoo convention last weekend!
Thanks Dude!

Night riding by the scrapers from keith hioco on Vimeo.

check out more of Keith's stuff on his blog

Welcome to our new blog

Yes Folks, we're still around... It's been awfully quite about us on the old blog and website, but we're still making miles, building cars and bikes and partying hard, no doubt about that.

Basicly after the SINS show (april 2009 remember?) all webactivity stopped...we're guessing it's about time to get things started again.
Our buddy Dunc is working hard on a brandnew website, and we decided to start a new blog  were all of the Scrapers will be posting their stuff they want to share...so this page might actually become worth visiting.

Hope you will all enjoy your visits here!